Ultra II

Ultrasonic units with super fast, very short strokes, provide virtual unrestricted finger tip control. The harder the materials are which require finishing, the more likely it is that an ultrasonic unit will improve polishing time. Subsequently, complicated heat-treated moulds and dies, carbide dies or inserts and detailed punches with fine edges and very narrow slots machined by EDM are perfect for using ultrasonic polishing systems. It is ideal and justifiable when work on small to very small details are required. Other applications are ribs, slits, tapered or different shaped holes and other areas that are hard to polish or finish by hand.

ULTRA II Dual function polishing machine which performs Ultrasonic Polishing and EDM Erosion

During ultrasonic polishing, the vibration movement repiprocates upto 28,000 times per second.

During EDM erosion, the machine discharges high frequency electric spark to remove excessive material at adjustable speed .

ULTRA II works much faster than manual polishing. It can polish deep and narrow area where manual polishing cannot reach. Its EDM erosion function offers an economical and fast method to polish extra-hard alloys and carbide. ULTRA II performs both these operations at exceptionally low sound level and is very compact work horse.

Features of Ultra II:

  • Able to adjust the EDM gap automatically to obtain maximum output
  • Controlled power output and stored current consume little power
  • Fine EDM process, suitable for intricate mould
  • NIne step digital Ultrasonic power control
  • Nine step digital EDM power control
  • Ultrasonic vibration auto tracking

Applicable Material: Steel, Carbide, Glass, Precious Stones

EDM fluid: Kerosene/ Water/ EDM oil

Input: SIngle Phase 220V+ - 10%, 50 Hz

Output: 60W, 19-28 Khz, 9-stage output selection

Dimensions: 230 mm x 130 mm x 78 mm

Weight: 3 Kg approx.

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