Rubberised Mounted Points and Wheels

Rubberised Mounted Points and Wheels

Rubberised Mounted Points

Made by fine quality raw material, Rubberised Mounted Points abrade and finish in one step. These can be dressed to any shape by using diamond dressing block and are excellent for polishing mould runners and finishing soft metals, cleaning aluminium and stubborn deposits from PDC dies.


Resinoid Mounted Points

Resign bonded mounted points are excellent for grinding applications, thanks to its very low wear properties. Other applications are blending parting lines, fins and risers in castings, finishing weld repairs on metals.


Rubberised WheelsRubberised Wheels

Rubberised Wheels are used for fine polishing with negligible stock removal and quick improvements in surface finish. They remove minor scratches and are ideal for polishing narrow ribs and threads. Used with Pin Hole Mandrel.


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