Quick Change Roloc Disc

Quick Change Roloc Disc

NON-WOVEN SURFACE CONDITIONING DISC                                              Roloc Disc

  • Quick change type, help saving time
  • Used on right angle (high and low speed) sander or die grinder
  • Ideal for cleaning and removing imperfections on metal surfaces, deburring or finishing a variety of surfaces, blending weld seams, or creating decorative finishes
  • The open construction of the non-woven material enables aggressive cutting action and improved surface while maintaining its non-loading feature
ø(mm) Abrasive Colour Grit Max. RPM Part #
50 AL OX Maroon Medium 25000 NW50MEDI
50 AL OX Blue Fine 25000 NW50FINE
50 AL OX Grey Ultra Fine 25000 NW50UFIN

                                                                                             ø75mm available on request

                                                                                                                            Roloc Disc

QUICK CHANGE FIBER DISC                                      

  • For welding, grinding and blending; heavy metal removal, light deburring and finishing
  • Heavy stock removal, greater durability, longer life
  • To be used with a backing pad on portable angle grinders/sanders
ø(mm) Abrasive Grit Max. RPM Part #
50 AL OX 120 25000 AOF50120
50 Zirconium 120 25000 ZCF50120
50 Ceramic Oxide 120 25000 COF50120
  • ø75 mm available on request
  • Other grits available on request



Abrasive ø (mm) Pad size ø (mm) Shank ø (mm)  Max. RPM Part #
50 45 6 25000 ROLDH5006

                                                                                            ø75 mm available on request


CUT OFF WHEEL                                                                                       Roloc Disc

Used for cutting, grinding, chamfering and de-burring of hardened steels. Excellent for fast stock removal, grooving ribs, Used with Pin Hole Mandrel.

Part # ø Thickness Abrasive
COW2206G 22 0.6 GC
COW2206S 22 0.6 SIC
COW2507S 25 0.7 SIC
COW32225 32 2.2 SIC
COW3810S 38 1.0 SIC


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