Mould Polishing Service Table

Mould Polishing Service Table

This new generation of mold service table is specifically designed to quickly and safely open molds.

Die / Mould opening / assembly Table is a unique device intended for opening and assembly of mould in very short times. It is necessary to use hoisting equipment for manipulation of the device.



 Max. Load [Weight of Mould]

 Total Length [mm]

 Total Width [mm]

 Work Area Each Table [mm]

 Weight of Device [Kg]

 PFM 3000

 3000 kg



 370 x 595



Construction of the device is made of steel and consist of main parts:

Base Frame – the base of the device equipped with leveling pads.
Work Table – is intended to load the mould, to open the mould, to rotate the  mould. One Work Table is static, second Work Table is moveable on LM Guides. Moveable Work Table can be stopped by break. Both Work Tables are equipped with Locating Pin to fix the Work Table from rotation.

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