Electro Permanent Magnetic Clamps for CNC Machine

Electro Permanent Magnetic Clamps for CNC Machine

We offer variety of standard sizes and any customized size of Magnetic Beds for VMCs and CNC Machining centres for quick and accurate clamping of work-pieces to be machined.

Used For quick clamping of jobs on Milling Machines, CNC, VMC etc…

-Saves clamping time, operator’s fatigue and energy.

-Simply press two buttons together for Magnetizing and Demagnetizing.

-Need Electrical power only to switch on or off the magnet

-Once switched on, no power is required to retain its magnetic force.

-No fear of accident due to power failure

-Customised sizes can be made on order

-One controller can be used for many Magnetic chucks


magnetic chuck





magnetic chuck

magnetic chuck



-Suitable for Boring Milling Machine, CNC Milling Machine, Grinding Machine and Gun Drilling Machine.

-Quick job change system with optional Electro Permanent Magnetic table

-Powerful Clamping System design, allow heavy cutting and boring

-Indexing precision at + 0.3 second with least count of 1 deg or 5 deg.

magnetic chuck



magnetic chuck


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