E-Camguard Die and Mould Protection System

E-Camguard Die and Mould Protection System

Plassteze has an exclusive and precise vision mould protection system - E-Camguard that provides complete protection for the injection moulds & High Pressure Die Casting Dies. E-Camguard is specially designed to prevent Die / Mould accidents when under production in an Injection moulding machine or HPDC Machine. E-Camguard is a sharp vision mould protection system. E-Camguard is a complete package to convert a moulding/die casting machine to an INTELLIGENT machine. Our system helps you to avoid accidental damages in moulds and dies thus saving a lot of money in the repair and maintenance of mould and dies. Some of the benefits are: - It has a sharp vision like an eagle -There is a non-luminous light source - It is controlled by a smart software

E-CAMGUARD detects :

  • Any missing Part (all cavities filled)
  • Parts not fully ejected
  • Improper movement od Slide Cores
  • Improper retraction of Ejectors
  • Inserts placed correctly before injection
  • Abnormal flashes occurred (subjective)
  • Short filling of parts (subjective)


Features & Benefits:

  • Supports up to 4 cameras
  • Shoot and compute in real time
  • Touch Screen Display - User Friendly
  • The system can be interlocked with any Moulding Machine
  • High pixel industrial camera - resolution up to 1600 x 1200
  • Non-luminous Infrared Light source for better monitoring results
  • Interlocked with Moulding Machine - stop Ejection and/or mould closure immediately upon detecting any mal-functioning of mould



  • Mobile phone accessories
  • Automotive parts
  • Medical parts
  • Electrical connectors, switchgear, appliances, switches and relays
  • Caps, closures and other packaging products
  • Irrigation products



 Resolution   1600 x 1200 pixels
 Image Capturing Time  0.03 seconds
 Display  10.4 inch SVGA Colour LCD (Touch Panel)
 Synchronic Input Signal  No Voltage Contact Signal
 Interlock Output Signal  No Voltage Contact Signal
 Rejection Circuit  Standard
 2 Cameras Monitoring   Function  Standard
 Input Power  DC12V
 Ambient Temperature  0 ~ 45 degrees
 Ambient Humidity  Relative Humidity 85 % Max (w/o   condensation)



The package includes:

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