Diamond Compounds and Polishing Cream

Diamond Compounds and Polishing Cream



Kemet Diamond Compound - IC

Diamond Compound

The chemists at Kemet International have worked very closely with leading mould polishers to develop the next generation of high-quality Kemet Diamond Compound at a  cost-effective price

Kemet Diamond Compound Type IC is both water and oil soluble and is used for rapid stock removal and superfine surface finish. It has an added advantage of being stable at high temperatures. It is particularly suitable for polishing tool steel moulds.

They are available in the following grades:

Part # Colour Micron Size
Kemet 1/4 IC White 1/4
Kemet 1 IC Blue 1
Kemet 3 IC Green 3
Kemet 6 IC Yellow 6
Kemet 9 IC Red 9
Kemet 15 IC Brown 15
Kemet 30 IC Mahogany 30
Kemet 45 IC Purple 45

Pack size: 5 gms


Diamond Compounds - ECON

Diamond Compound

Economy series Diamond Compounds, popular among professional polishers, is an excellent mix of value and performance

  • Water and oil soluble
  • Rapid stock removal
  • Superfine surface finish
  • The optimum mix of lubricant and cleaner
  • 5 gms syringe packing
  • Screwed cap avoids wastage and contamination
Part # Colour Micron Size
ECON 0.5 Grey 0.5
ECON 1 White 1
ECON 3 Yellow 3
ECON 6 Orange 6
ECON 9 Green 9
ECON 15 Blue 15
ECON 20 Dark Green 20
ECON 30 Brown 30
ECON 50 Purple 50

Pack size: 5 gms



Lap Lustre                                                              Polishing Cream

Lap lustre is used for final polishing with high gloss mirror finish. It's ideal for steel, silver, aluminium, brass, copper, etc. A small amount of Lap Lustre applied to a clean felt bob will remove the smokey haze often seen after final finish using rotary polishing machines, bringing out the brilliance of metal. If polishing by hand, use our special POLISHING PADS.




Polishing CreamSparkle

Sprinkle some powder and rub over the final mirror polished surface with fine cotton (use our  SUPRAFINISH) for excellent results) and see the miracle. It's a powder with magical power which makes your final mirror polished surface sparkle like stars.



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