Ultrasonic Cleaning System

Ultrasonic Cleaning System

Nothing beats ultrasonic energy for cleaning an almost endless list of products and nobody beats our experience in helping you solve your toughest ultrasonic cleaning problem. Rely on us for quality products, expert sales assistance, and great technical support and warranties. It works best for cleaning dental and medical surgical instruments, lab instruments and industrial part cleaning and degreasing and mould cleaning.

Why Ultrasonic:

Vibrating frequency above 18Khz (18,000 cycles per second) is called Ultrasound. As a result of these vibrations, a large amount of tiny vacuum bubbles are formed in the liquid (they are millions). They implode during high pressure & create highly effective pressure wave. This phenomenon is called cavitation & results in removal of dirt contamination from the object which is to be cleaned. To achieve ultrasonic effect high frequency generators are used which converts the frequency developed to the corresponding frequency of the Ultrasonic Unit which again is transformed into mechanical vibrations with the help of Electro mechanical transducers, benefits ultrasonic cleaning over conventional cleaning.

Ultrasonic cavitation formation & rapid implode process removes dirt & other contamination from the items thoroughly & deep from the pores & crevices & also from the difficult intricate shapes of the item which is difficult to reach for conventional cleaning. Ultrasonic cleaning process is much faster & exceeds in cleaning efficiency when compared with conventional cleaning. It cleans so gently that it does not leave any form of scratch or surface damage of the object.


Ultrasonic Benefits:

Ultrasonic cleaning is a safe, efficient and modern procedure which ensures perfect cleaning. It can remove even the most tenacious deposits, in the shortest time possible. Ultrasonic cleaning greatly reduces the risk of cross - contamination that can occur with manual cleaning. The ultrasonic cleaners are constructed of advanced electronic components and are available in various models. Cleaning times and temperatures are controlled electronically by a microprocessor. The ultrasonic serves as a standard equipment in surgeries, hospitals and other industrial applications.


Ultrasonic Technology:

The Ultrasonic Cleaners are manufactured using Solid State technology for the Ultrasonic Generator and PZT Transducers for converting the electrical energy to mechanical vibrations in the cleaning liquid. The bonding is done by using weld bond method to ensure better efficiency and longer life. The ultrasonic energy thus converted creates cavitation in the cleaning liquid and when the cavities implode the cleaning is effected on the articles immersed in the cleaning liquid. Suitable cleaning agent is used depending on the contamination and the material to be cleaned.