Fashion Masks

Fashion Masks

With the outbreak of COVID-19, it is essential to practice social distancing and maintain a safe distance from everything around us. These re-usable masks will help you to stay protected from all bacteria and virus and will be our outdoor companion


  • 3 Layered- The first layer is of cotton which is anti-bacterial and offers barrier properties. The second layer is a filter paper which prevents dust and the third layer is a non-woven fashion fabric for all the looks.
  • Re-Usable- They are easily re-usable after washing so that you can use it longer and there will be no need to continually adjust for comfort. 
  • Premium Quality- These fashion masks are not only trendy but also have superior quality fabric which is used for utmost protection. They will suit every style no matter what
  • Back Loop/Ear Loop Option- This is one of a kind mask wherein you get an option between back loops and earloops, whichever suits you and your comfort. 


To ensure that the mask fits properly and is of the appropriate size for you, inhale from your mouth and see that the mask collapses


*The fabric design, colour and texture is subject to availability. The colour, design and texture of the fabric of the actual product may differ from the picture shown above